Bugatti Planning Audi A8-Based Sedan, No More Sports Cars

Bugatti Planning Audi A8-Based Sedan, No More Sports Cars

The Bugatti Galibier was first introduced in September of 2009 and while it has already reportedly been given the green-light several times, Germany’s Der Spiegel has just announced an additional confirmation. In an interview with company execs, Der Spiegel reports that a new model is in the works, based on the Audi A8 platform. It’s unlikely that the ultra-exotic brand is working on more than one model at a time and so the obvious conclusion is that this is the Galibier.

For power, the Galibier reportedly uses a version of the Veyron’s 8.0-liter W16 engine, but with a pair of superchargers rather than the quad-turbo setup. It also gets an eight-speed automatic rather than the Veyron’s seven-seed DSG box.

While the Veyron is due to be retired soon, one revelation out of the interview is that the Volkswagen board has made the call to cease all sports car development for the Bugatti brand, limiting it strictly to sedans.

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[Source: Der Spiegel]

  • haji

    galibier based on an audi? that better be cheaper than $1000000 than.

  • Lana M.

    Only the elite of the elite is supposed to be able to purchase this. For what? The only company that gains anything from this is Audi. Be ware, when you start mixing breeds, the people who buy may have an issue… Is this a step up or a step down and for which company? Haji has a point!

  • David Brouillette

    so bugatti is going to do the exact same thing as american car companies do — Dump your bread and butter, the car that made you famous, and your loyal base for the next big fad that may not take off. for a Audi with bugatti emblem and bigger engine in other words, wanna be

    Like ford dumping the taurus, jeep dumping the cherokee and turning the grand charokee into a sport cute, GM dumping the S10 (very popular small truck) in favor of the colorado (expensive midsize truck with terrible fuel economy) and the hummer.

    I see another american style bankrupsy coming!