BYD S6 DM Is China’s Latest Generic Car

BYD S6 DM Is China’s Latest Generic Car

BYD, perhaps China’s best known car maker, is an acronym for “Build Your Dreams”, but their current product offerings look like someone else’s dreams shamelessly copied and sold under the Chinese automakers own badging.

BYD’s S6 DM is a blatant rip-off of the Lexus RX crossover, and even has a dual-mode hybrid system similar to the RX400h. However, BYD’s 102 horsepower gas engine and 14 horsepower electric motor are exponentially weaker than the Lexus’ 3.5L V6/electric motor combination. BYD claims that the car can travel about 37 miles on a full electric charge, but really, who knows if this car will even be sold here. We’ll be waiting to see if BYD can make an original design first.

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