Cadillac SRX Turbo Killed-Off Due to Low Sales

Cadillac SRX Turbo Killed-Off Due to Low Sales

Having only been on sale for a year, Cadillac has decided to kill-off its SRX Turbo luxury crossover. The standard SRX model will continue on, but a lack of consumer interested in the vehicle has lead the GM accountants to axe the low selling ‘ute.

Cadillac spokesperson Robyn Henderson confirmed the demise of the 300-hp model, stating that it made up less than 10 percent of total SRX sales. Fuel economy of just 15/22-mpg has been cited as a reason for lack of interest by consumers, however, it’s more likely that price was the main factor. While the standard SRX models start at just $33,830 the Turbo model costs $49,315 in ‘base’ trim and jumps to $51,860 when fully loaded.

While this is hardly good news for GM, Henderson did point out that the SRX still has a significant chunk of the luxury crossover segment, out-selling German competitors like the BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLK and the Audi Q3.

[Source: GMI]

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