Chevy, GMC Trucks Under Further Investigation for Rusting Brake Lines

Chevy, GMC Trucks Under Further Investigation for Rusting Brake Lines

General Motors’ T800 series of full-size pickup trucks and SUVs, with specific reference to 1999-03 models of Chevy Silverado, Avalance, Suburban and Tahoe, as well as their GMC counterparts, Sierra and Yukon, have been subjected to an investigation regarding rusted brake lines.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in a filling posted last week, has said it has upgraded its original investigation to an ‘engineering analysis’ covering the affected vehicles, following concerns regarding its preliminary findings.

Said findings included no fewer than 26 separate complaints of brake line corrosion which have resulted in vehicle accidents since the agency first began looking into the problem last year.

GM, in a statement last year, said that even if a brake line rusted through, one of these trucks should still be able to stop safely.

In the course of its investigation, NHTSA initially targeted 6 million vehicles, but later reduced this 1.8 million when it decided that only vehicles being driven in rust belt states (where the roads are salted in winter) are adversely affected.

Said states comprise Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin, as well as the District of Columbia.

Considering NHTSA’s recent spate of recalls, we have to think an official recall notice is coming soon.

[Source: New York Times]

  • garry hewitt

    2005 GMC Sierra brake lines all gone and broke today leaveing me only a ebrake no brakes.feb 17 2012

  • William A. Yoxall

    My 2000 Chevy Silverado has had front rotors rot away requiring replacement, and this week I had a corroded steel brake line rot away causing a brake failure. Luckily, I was standing still with my foot on the brake about to take the truck out of “park” and put it into “drive”. This is a very scary situation. Upon inspectoin. I learned that all of the steel lines are badly rusted, and should be replaced or I won’t be so “lucky”? the next time one fails. What is NTSB doing about this?

  • Stingray098

    gmc denali lost brakes due to rusted line and smashed into said take to a dealer to look at,and dealer said rusted lines. gm called me back and said not a defect,so i said ok its safe to drive,oh they said we never said that.they just are not going to pay for repair. 2001 model

  • Sue_donim

    I have a 2005 GMC, and have had brake failure while driving on two separate occasions, due to rusted lines. The first was a few years ago and I had complete loss of brakes but was able to bring the vehicle to a safe stop via downshifting and e-brake. The second was last week, during a snowstorm. The article mentions the “rust belt”, but does not include Virginia… we have our roads salted frequently during the winter. Furthermore, any coastal state should be considered part of the rust belt.

    The brake lines look to be some sort of galvanized steel? The are badly corroded around each of the plastic clips. Obviously the vibration is causing the clip to wear off any corrosion inhibitor. This is obviously a faulty design.

  • Jan

    I have a 2005 GMC Sierra as well and the brakes malfunctioned today March 4 2013,, did you get any resolve to your issue and if so at what cost?  Did dealer help in repair due to premature failure? 

  • Dkbettin

    When the brakes failed on our 2006 Silverado 3500 HD, my husband swerved, narrowly missing a small car that was making a sudden left turn. After evaluation at the GM certified dealership we use for inspection and repair on all our GM business and personal vehicles, we were informed that this a common erosive defect in the brake lines that rust from the inside out. Possibly moisture in the fluid used in the lines or possibly GM used thinner, cheaper steel.
    Contacted GM and they offered to pay half the $1400.00 bill, insisting there is no recall. There needs to be a recall for the safety of everyone on the road!
    A recall has to start somewhere, doesn’t it?

  • Martint

    NHTSA should also look into S10 and Sonoma. I have a 97 Sonoma and decided to junk the damn thing rather than deal with rusty under chassis & brake lines

  • Ajrobyram

    gm cars too my 2002 century from Mass. has been in shop for a month trying to fix the rusted mess of brake lines under car.  Toyota did the right thing why not GM? I was thinking about a GM truck guess ill stick with Ford

  • Ajrobyram

    they need to check all gm stuff.  My 2002 century has same problem, been in shop a month trying to fix the rusty brake line mess!

  • Mike

    If it were Toyota The Feds would be on them in a heartbeat… But not GovM they will investigate until most of them are off the road and prob do very little if anything

  • No Brakes

    A few days back I was driving my GMC Sierra Denali pickup with my girlfriend in the passenger seat when the brake pedal went straight to the floor with no warning. The vehicle having a non-functioning E-Brake left me no reasonable way to stop the vehicle. The roads ahead of us were unfortunately all downhill and we had no brakes! I shifted the truck down to 1st gear and navigated down the roads turning left and right to avoid hitting obstacles in front of us, all the while the vehicle was picking up speed. I eventually came to the bottom of the hill where the road came to a dead end with a lake just beyond a very thick chain pulled between two posts, leaving me the option to either hitting the trees on either side or hitting the chain which I expected would tear apart the whole vehicle and possibly injure us.

    I told my panicking and terrified g/f to sit all the way back in her seat and brace herself. We hit the chain and to my surprise it either broke or came detached from the post with little impact. With sustained momentum and a lake now in front of us, I cut the wheel pushing the vehicle into a skid to bring the vehicle to stop. The brake system offered no brake pressure at all upon failure. This was an extremely terrifying experience. I’m very grateful that we were not injured.

    I also think it is nothing more than a fact that IF G.M.C. DOES NOT RECALL THIS PRODUCT, IT IS ABSOLUTELY OBVIOUS THAT THIS COMPANY HAS NO CONCERN WHATSOEVER ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THEIR CUSTOMERS AND VALUES THEIR FINANCIAL INTEREST FIRST. ONE LIFE IS MORE VALUABLE THAN ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY. It is nothing short of embarrassing and evil that G.M.C. thus far has not taken responsibility for their mistake. GM HAS PUBLICLY STATED THAT “THIS IS NOT A SAFETY ISSUE.” I ask what could be any more unsafe in a vehicle than losing your brakes at 70 MPH on highway? Maybe losing them at 80?? IT’S TIME FOR A RECALL! ON BEHALF OF THE MANY CUSTOMERS WHO ARE CURRENTLY DRIVING THESE UNSAFE VEHICLES PLEASE!!!