Chocolate-Themed Smart Car Makes Sweet Valentine’s Day Gift

Chocolate-Themed Smart Car Makes Sweet Valentine’s Day Gift

Forget buying your Valentine chocolate – up the ante by getting them a chocolate-themed Smart car.

Recently unveiled in Tokyo, the Smart car was designed by Q-Pot, a Japanese accessories company, and is not only painted brown but also showcases a pattern that looks like a bar of chocolate.

It comes just a few weeks before Valentine’s Day, where in Japan it’s traditional for women to give men chocolate. And not just their significant other.  They need to shell out chocolate to male members of their families, their boy friends, their bosses and their male colleagues – so it can get a little expensive.

Orders for the chocolate Smart car can be placed from February 2 to March 13. This is one day before “White Day”, when Japanese men repay the women who gave them gifts of chocolate with other presents.

If you live in Japan and want to give your sweetie this sweet gift, it will cost you 2.36 million yen (28,780 US dollars).

[Source: AP]


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