Fiat 500 Launch Looking Rocky As Lacks Of Dealers, Manual Transmissions Cause Problems

Fiat 500 Launch Looking Rocky As Lacks Of Dealers, Manual Transmissions Cause Problems

The launch of the 2012 Fiat 500 may present some problems for parent company Chrysler, as only 20 percent of Fiat franchises will be ready to go in time for the vehicle’s launch in late February.

In addition, the initial batch of cars will only have manual transmissions, even though Fiat expects most 500s to be ordered with a 6-speed automatic gearbox. Those cars won’t arrive until March or April. Chrysler launched their first Fiat dealership this month in Los Angeles.

[Source: Autoweek]

  • TK

    Well, Yes. The first cars sold will have manual transmissions. However, Your article is a bit slanted. The first 1000 cars produced will be part of the limited ‘Prima Edizione’ series which sold out through an enthusiast club and online in July and September. When the cars will be offered to the general North American public they will have the option of an automatic transmission.

  • m

    Chrysler isn’t FIAT’s parent company. If anything it is the other way around as FIAT is managing Chrysler.

  • s

    this blurb of an article is quite misleading and should be thoroughly fact checked, and revised. as far as I know, fiat studios were never expected to be up and running by february (these are supposed to be very cost and labor intensive projects). as others have pointed out, the first production cars (those to be released in february) are special edition prima edizione, and were always meant to be released with manual transmissions. deposits for these have already been made, and don’t exactly require a complete network of dealers for delivery. Automatic transmissions will be available, along with the 500 a little later in march, and that should come as no surprise to anyone.

  • RW

    Check the quality record of these cars in europe, they seem to be no better than Fiats from the 1980’s No thank you.