Five-Door Accent Will Kick Fiesta’s Butt Says Hyundai CEO

Five-Door Accent Will Kick Fiesta’s Butt Says Hyundai CEO

Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafcik announced a five-door Hyundai Accent is coming to the U.S., boldly saying it will “kick the Fiesta’s butt.”

The announcement came in a Q&A session with readers on Jalopnik after one reader asked if Hyundai will introduce a five-door Accent.

Such bold talk is rare from a manufacturer, especially from its CEO, but we’re glad to hear it.

The five-door Hyundai Accent is expected to debut at the upcoming New York Auto Show, but we have an idea on what it will look like after it was unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China last month as the Hyundai Verna.

[Source: Jalopnik via Autoblog]

  • Hako

    Can’t wait to see it. I have an ’09 SE hatchback, which I love, but it would be nice to have the same fuel economy but with more horsepower. I prefer a three-door, but it does look pretty sharp…..and you cant beat that warranty.

  • Lost Fiesta Customer

    Sad to see the Fiesta a victim of cost cutting. How could Ford possibly equip the car with an advanced dual clutch transmission and leave out manual gear selection? Hyundai won’t make that mistake. The engine compartment of the Fiesta was a mess with taped exposed wires, etc. Car drove nicely but I think the Accent will be better in almost every respect.

  • Colum Wood

    Sadly, no DCT for the Accent, but it is quite an impressive product. While not widely reported, the 2012 Accent has been revealed in Canada and the car isn’t likely to change much in U.S. trim.