Future Ferrari Models Will Read Your Mind

Future Ferrari Models Will Read Your Mind

Always one step ahead of the game, Ferrari is working on a new level of technology for its cars that will allow the vehicle to monitor its driver.

Revealed in a series of new patent filings, the Ferrari system is based on the idea that drivers often overestimate their skill level, which can become somewhat problematic in a 670-hp 599 GTO (above). Adding to that issue is the ability for a driver to select certain vehicle settings that limit the invasiveness of traction and stability control.

The proposed system would monitor a driver’s mental and physical state, including respiration, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and perspiration. An on-board video camera would measure attentiveness by watching the driver’s eyes and Ferrari is even studying a way to measure the electric activity in a driver’s brain.

The idea would not only be to improve the safety of the driver behind the wheel of one of these exotic Italian machines, but the system could also be used to improve driving performance.

In the filing Ferrari states that, “The dynamic performance may be modified to enhance driving safety in the case of a tired or unresponsive driver, and also to enhance driving pleasure and/or performance in the case of an alert, responsive driver.”

We know it sounds like cheating, but presumably, this technology could develop so that the car can watch the road ahead and adjust the way it reacts to steering inputs, meaning it could help you drive the perfect line around a race track every time. (But where’s the fun in that).

[Source: AutoCar]