GMC Sierra All-Terrain HD Concept Rumored for Production

GMC Sierra All-Terrain HD Concept Rumored for Production

At this year’s North American International Auto Show, General Motors teased truck lovers by unveiling the All-Terrain HD Concept, an off-road, pre-runner inspired vehicle in the SVT Raptor idom and derived from the current GMC Sierra HD.

At the time, the official line was that the truck is merely just a styling exercise, though it looks like there’s a possible chance it might actually be headed for production. GM designer Carl Zipfel, is reported to have said that the company is now considering the possibilities for bringing the All-Terrain to market.

Making the task easier is the fact that it is already based on production pickup. When asked if an enthusiast could essentially replicate the All-Terrain via a parts catalog, Zipfel said absolutely, “everything but the [LED] lights,” he declared.

Hinting that it wouldn’t be too difficult to make this thing into a production vehicle were further comments from the designer. “You can’t get the 5’8″ bed on the 2500 Duramax HD, and widening the track by four inches would be a slightly lesser challenge. Otherwise, the chassis wasn’t chopped to create the shortened front end. We [also] think we’re in striking distance for crash testing if GMC decided to build it.”

If the General does give the All-Terrain the green light, there’s no question that it will be one of the biggest and baddest factory off-road pickups to ever hit the streets.

GALLERY: GMC Sierra All Terrain HD Concept


[Source: Autoblog]

  • Jeff Cleary

    You get it into production I’ll buy one just to get a good American made Truck!! NOT A FORD

  • darrin vettraino

    if you bulid it we will buy pure detroit musel .one bad ass truck.

  • Jimmy

    give it the green light

  • Michael Prather

    As an owner of an ’08 Sierra SLT All Terrain, I say field test the piss out of it. Try to break it and let off road vehicle owners test it all over the country in various terrains. Replace some of the good things that used to be on Sierras like rear seat air, overhead console, and seperate cargo lamp switch. Lastly for those who have never built an offload vehicle, put a SOLID front axle on it. Then I would look at another All Terrain. Other than these things I paid too much for looks and not enough ability or features (not to mention the 16 trips to the dealer for lights sensors handles computer seat motors oil leaks etc all prior to 18k miles).

  • Samc_06

    I’ll buy one I own a 2011 duramax and it’s awesome I can’t load it down. The only draw back it can you still put a goose neck hitch in the bed?