Homemade Seat Belt Lands DIYer in Trouble

Homemade Seat Belt Lands DIYer in Trouble

There are some great do-it-yourself projects that you should undertake – building a deck in your backyard, putting together a bird house or assembling IKEA furniture. But making your own seat belt? Yeah, we’re not the only ones scratching our heads at this one.

Paul Weigand, a Wichita man, received a ticket from police officers for using a seat belt he made himself. He doesn’t agree with the charges and is taking the matter up in court. A judge had already told him that from now on, he must wear the seat belt that came with the car. Apparently, his homemade seat belt isn’t attached to the car, so it’s probably not as affective as one that is (we don’t have a sarcastic font, but if we did, we’d totally be using it on that last sentence).

Weigand is planning on taking his case to trial, because he doesn’t think the law should require him to wear a seat belt. His case is based on the fact that the law doesn’t require that the belt be affixed to anything.

Do you think he has a case or should the police just let him wear his DIY seat belt? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Source: USA Today]

  • David

    Not exactly what the lawmakers had in mind me thinks ! not in the spirit of the law springs to mind. UK magistrates would have added another charge “extracting the urine” which then goes on to contempt of court and so on, could add up to 25 years !

  • Chad

    Based on the wording of the law, it would seem the man is correct. The law does not imply the manner of the seat belt itself, just that one is worn. Letter vs. Spirit of the law. I have a feeling the court can default to what the highway safety authority defines as a ‘seat belt’ for federal compliance. But, kudos to the man for trying.

  • Herb

    What’s next…. the government telling us we must use tooth past to brush our teeth and we must do it four times a day. We all must do it because it’s a health care issue. If we don’t, we will develop cavities which will drive the health care cost up for the low income. They can’t pay for it so we all will pay for it because the government takes money from us who have and gives to them who have not. Who is them? Legal or illegal? It’s time somebody told big brother government to step aside and let everyone enjoy our own personal freedom. Government has it’s place. It should serve us, not us serve it!!! If I don’t want to wear a seatbelt because of a fear of being trapped in a vehicle, then I should be allowed not to wear one. It’s my life, not the government’s!!! KEEP THE FAITH!