Hyundai Equus Out-Sells More Cars Than You’d Expect in its First Month

Hyundai Equus Out-Sells More Cars Than You’d Expect in its First Month

When Hyundai first introduced the Genesis, people chuckled at a Korean automaker offering a rear-drive luxury car. Now established as a modestly successful model, Hyundai has ventured further into the luxury market with the full-sized Equus, designed to rival cars like the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series and Lexus LS.

With the possibility that it could be a total flop and with even Hyundai execs and PR reps cautioning that it is in no way designed to be anywhere near a volume model, the new Hyundai flagship is off to a strong start. In its first month on sale, competing in a market packed with incentive-filled vehicles so dealers can meet year-end quotas, a total of 196 Equus models were purchased.

That might not sound like a lot, but the Equus actually out-sold 13 other cars in the market, including the much-hyped Nissan Leaf, of which just 19 were delivered in December. Equus sales also topped those of four exclusive, low volume brands: Rolls-Royce (39), Lamborghini (26), Ferrari (151) and Maserati (180).

The Equus topped the Acura RL (141 units), numerous sports cars including the Porsche Boxster and Audi TT, as well as a few other vehicles you’d expect it wouldn’t, like the Mercedes SL, SLK and CL.

The Equus is hardly a sound business case on its own, but it is helping to change Hyundai’s brand image. The Equus “shot right out of the gate” said Hyundai Motor America PR Rep Dan Bedore commenting that among niche market cars it’s a hit. “Dealers are clamoring for cars,” he says.

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Equus:            196 Leaf:             19 Acura RL:         141 Rolls Royce:      39 Audi TT:          64 M-B SLK:          114 M-B SL:           173 M-B CL:           139 M-B SLS:          48 Cayman:           112 Boxster:          137 BMW 6:            70 Jaguar XK:        133 Nissan GTR:       38 Maserati:         180 Ferrari:          151 Lamborghini:      26 Mazda RX8:        95

  • Brian

    I’m in Seoul right now, and I can tell you the Equus is everywhere, and has been here for quite a while. You go down any busy street and there will be at least 2 or 3 Equus’ in sight.

  • Tom

    A Classy, quality, and value driven product. I have owned 2 Santa Fe’s, a Genesis and now the EQUUS Signature over the past 8 years. These cars are pasted down thru the family and all are preforming today as well as they did when they came out of the showrooms.There is not much more I can say on the subject ,except keep up the good work!

  • This is biased

    This article is so biased. Why does it only list makers that sold less than the Equus? Why don’t you compare the 196 equuses sold to the equus’s competitors like the mercedes benz S-class, the audi A8, the BMW 7-series, or the lexus LS460?

    The only vehicle that gets remotely close to the equus in market share that is being listed here is the acura RL, and that cars has been an epic failure and has as a result hardly had any advertising. As for Maseratis and Ferraris, those cars are super-low volume cars. The market pool is so much smaller for them. So is the market pool for the nissan leaf, which is a plug-in hybrid that hardly has any availability or charging facilities for its mass introduction.

    According to, 66,500 s-classes alone were sold in 2010 if you really want to start talking numbers.

    Seriously, is the author of this article a journalist or a hyundai spokesperson?

  • Sam

    You’re comparing this car’s sales to those of the Nissan leaf? Really?! That’s just dumb.