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 |  Jan 28 2011, 8:52 AM

Mid way through 2010, Hyundai Motor Group surpassed Ford Motor Company to become the world’s fourth largest automaker, and just-released year-end numbers have confirmed the Korean auto-giant has held on to close out the year.

Total Hyundai (including Kia) sales for 2010 reached 5,744,018 units for the year, just edging out Ford’s global numbers of 5,313,000 units.

In third place is Volkswagen (including its many subsidiaries like Audi and Porsche) with 7.14 units, putting a significant gap between itself and Hyundai. Second place belongs to General Motors at 8.39 units, just behind Toyota, which recently claimed the title of the world’s largest automaker for the third consecutive year at 8.42 million units.

[Source: TTAC]

  • Collision of Souls

    Out of the ashes Hyundai/Kia has risen to become a global force.


  • dwain holmes

    The american auto workers unions can be thanked for this!!!

  • Hyundai Monday

    With Hyundai Motor Co. making their own steel and pushing the limits of MPG everywhere, they should continue climbing up the charts