Lamborghini Planning 50th Anniversary Model

Lamborghini Planning 50th Anniversary Model

Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini is just two-years away from celebrating its 50th anniversary as a car company, and according to recent reports it is working on something rather special for this milestone.

What will the new Anniversary model be is not clear at the moment. Some suggest it will be an all-new vehicle, but history has shown us that Lamborghini’s Anniversary models have always been based on their existing models. Remember the 25th Anniversary Countach, or the Diablo SE30 and the Murcielago 40th Anniversary Edition!

Currently, Lamborghini is working on the replacement model of the Murcielago, which is going by the name LP700-4 or Aventador, which will feature an all-new V12 engine. At last years Paris Auto Show, Lamborghini showed a lightweight supercar called the Sesto Elemento (above), which given its size and V10 powerplant suggests its based on the Gallardo platform.

So for now it is a guessing game as to what Lamborghini will unveil on its 50th anniversary, but we’re confident the end result will be something rather special.

[Source: World Car Fans]