MINI Beachcomber Concept Too Dangerous for Production

MINI Beachcomber Concept Too Dangerous for Production

There has been much debate inside MINI as to what direction that automaker would go with its next crossover model. Executives, designers and engineers were reportedly stuck between a production version of the Beachcomber Concept, or a two-door version of the Countryman, initially referred to as the Canyon.

That decision has, however, been made for the MINI team, with the Beachcomber concept being axed due to its inability to meet crash tests. Reportedly, the vehicle would need added crash protection on the sides, which would have killed the styling of the dune-buggy.

This development indicates that the Paceman Concept is all but certain to head into production shortly after its debut at the Detroit Auto Show next week.

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[Source: AutoCar]

  • Mark

    So make it with removable doors that can be stored somewhere in or on the vehicle. And maybe a safety bar for the door openings.

  • Jeff

    Point is mute, but as an avid owner of of Jeeps and one who really wished this had come to production the Mini would have required at least a pillar, and perhaps even a roll cage. If I’m not mistaken the mini is a unibody which doesn’t help much.
    I would have bought one, especially a diesel.