New Smart Roadster/Cabriolet Patents Revealed

New Smart Roadster/Cabriolet Patents Revealed

Several design patents of what appear to be a new Smart concept car have popped up online, showing what appears to be a typically unconventional small city car. We’re sorry to get your hopes up, but this is not a successor to the Smart Roadster, but rather a roadster (or cabriolet), inspired by the 2002 Crossblade concept.

Like the Crossblade, this model is based on the fortwo’s underpinnings, although with a more modern refresh that’s likely to inspire the next generation of the city car. This new model also differs in that it retains more traditional doors.

With these sketches being released now, it’s likely that we could see an in-the-sheetmetal concept debut soon. The Detroit Auto Show is probably too early and we’d look to the Geneva Show in March.

GALLERY: Smart Roadster/Cabriolet Patents


[Source: Carscoop]