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 |  Jan 04 2011, 10:18 PM

If you’re the competitive type and you own a Nissan Leaf, there’s a new way to come out a winner. Nissan Leaf drivers can now be wirelessly connected to a ranking system that scores your driving efficiency.

Nissan’s Carwings system started out in Japan but is now available here in North American. It connects all Nissan Leafs to a network, which is fed energy economy stats wirelessly to a central server. Then, using a “Regional Rankings” system, it is able to compare your ‘energy economy’ to other Leaf drivers near you. If you are the most energy efficient Leaf driver in your area, you’ll get a gold trophy icon on the Carwings dashboard control center – think of it as FourSquare for your car. And don’t worry if you fall short, because second, third and fourth place runners-up also earn gold, silver and bronze medals.

The phenomenon, also known as crowdsourcing, is a great way for Leaf owners to get better fuel economy by using social networking to show how environmentally responsible you are. The Carwings system will also display real-time traffic predictions by using data from other Carwings users and it features a live operator system that offers 24-hour driver support.

[Source: Mashable]