Pontiac Museum is a Go, But Not in Michigan

Pontiac Museum is a Go, But Not in Michigan

Oklahoma car collector Tim Dye is well known in the enthusiast community for his stable of Pontiacs. Now, he’s decided to open a museum dedicated to the now defunct marque, in the town of Pontiac, Illinois, through which passes a stretch of the historic ‘Mother Road,’ Route 66.

The museum will be located in downtown Pontiac, IL in the town square on North Mill Street. Dye will be loaning some of the cars from his own collection, while others are likely to come from other collections or individual enthusiasts. At present the Museum is slated to open by July 21st this year.

Given all that General Motors has been through lately and the way in which Pontiac was unceremoniously dumped, it’s nice to see some enthusiasts looking to preserve the legacy of this once popular and exciting vehicle brand, even if many brand nuts believe the rightful home should be in Pontiac, Michigan. However, given the recent economic crisis and the fact that Pontiac, Michigan is struggling financially and couldn’t fund such a project anyway, one museum dedicated to the brand, even if it is in Illinois, is better than none at all.

[Source: Hemmings Motor News]

  • Tom Cannon

    I need a way to contact you with a picture. I have a Pontiac totem pole that was sent out by the Pontiac division of Doraville Ga.It was to advertise the 1949 Pontiac Chieftain.I have had no luck in finding any information about the history of this item. Any info would help. Tom

  • Bigapple14

    Hey Tom,

    Please contact me regarding your totem pole.  I’d be interested in hearing more about it and maybe seeing some pics.  Thanks!  Jim

  • John reid.

    Rvwman@yahoo.com. Got totem pole too 12 foot

  • tom cannon

    My totem pole is in the process of getting a new paint job to look like the original paint. It was painted by a kid about 45yr ago.Will get pictures when it gets done?