Porsche Canada Slashes Prices As Canadian Dollar Surpasses US In Value

Porsche Canada Slashes Prices As Canadian Dollar Surpasses US In Value

Canadians get a raw deal when it comes to cars. Even though their dollar is worth a little bit more than the greenback (and is projected to rise in the near future) cars still cost about 30 percent more on average. Due to the discrepancy, it’s common for Canadians looking for luxury vehicles to buy their cars in the United States, and import them back to Canada, where savings can be in the thousands, despite importation fees and taxes.

Porsche cars have been a popular choice for importation, due to the significant delta between USA and Canadian pricing. A base Boxster, for example, cost about $46,000 in the USA, while the Canadian MSRP was $58,000. The difference in higher end vehicles, like the 911 GT3 or 911 Turbo S was even higher, edging closer to a $20,000 gap.

Porsche Canada has responded by cutting the MSRP of its cars closer to USA prices. A Boxster now rings in just under $55,000, but still remains shy of the USA’s $47,600 sticker. Discounts remain similar for much of the range, but notably exceptions like the 911 Turbo S get a 5 figure discount.

Regardless, the price cuts don’t come close to bringing the prices to parity. With one-tenth the population, and different equipment requirements for such a small market, not to mention a small dealer network, the extra costs that can’t be amortized over a larger population are passed on to the consumer. Whether the discounts are deep enough to stop consumers from going over the border remains to be seen, but according to one dealer who AutoGuide spoke to before the discounts, the entire run of Cayennes has been sold out for the year, with Panameras moving briskly. Evidently, those with the means to buy a Porsche may not have the time to go through the hassles of importation to save an amount they consider inconsequential.

  • NormT

    American Porsche dealers won’t and can’t sell NEW cars to Canadians anyway. It’s the used ones (even very gently used) we’re buying at huge savings. Not to mention the better selection due to higher numbers of cars there overall, plus some recession effects.

  • Norm, I personally know a Canadian who bought a Porsche brand new and imported it back to Canada. It is possible, although it may not be easy.

  • Jack

    You can buy any new car you want in the US – the prices in Canada are a complete rip off. I got a Panamera for $35000 cheaper fully loaded in the US and brought it over. Don’t waste your money with Canadian dealers they have no excuse in slashing prices to US levels – the article is miss leading there is not much a feature difference between the Porsche Dealer in Chicago and the one in Toronto.

  • Spyders

    Jack, I would like to know how you were able to buy a new car and import it into Canada. I am shopping for a Panamera right now and find a big price diffrence between Canada and teh USA.

    I would appreciate you sharing the experience.