Red Bull May Develop In-House Engine For Formula 1

Red Bull May Develop In-House Engine For Formula 1

With their supply of Renault engines set to dry up after 2011, and new engine regulations coming into place in 2013, current champions Red Bull are said to be looking at producing their own engines, with one rumored partner said to be Volkswagen.

“We are on standby for an interesting partnership, and even the idea of developing our own engine, I think, is no longer so absurd,” said Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull’s co-founder, in an interview with an Australian publication. With current supplier Renault partnering with Lotus, Red Bull’s engine supply is only guaranteed through 2011.

It’s somewhat galling for a soft-drink/marketing empire to speak of constructing a Formula 1 motor, but with Red Bull having finally locked up a championship after fielding a strong car for a number of seasons, perhaps a partnership with an experienced automaker may give Red Bull the opportunity to get a completely in-house championship.

[Source: Inside Line]


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