Toyota A-BAT Concept

Toyota A-BAT Concept

Toyota A-BAT Concept.

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  • dickebird

    Any ideas from anyone about the approximate dates, (other than it’s going to be a 2014 model), we will see this vehicle in North America? Because I’m waiting. I’ll be driving my mother-in-law’s old Camry in lieu of my Civic SIR just to prove my dedication. I’m going to forego buying a 2013 Honda Civic coupe as well, just as long as I know it’s coming. I’m going to assume they’re cooking up some kind of amazing new powertrain to go with it, because a small diesel in this vehicle would make it fuel efficient to the max while actually making it capable of pulling a boat. But I don’t care. With or without the diesel, I’m getting one. So come on, Toyota, or Scion, or whatever you want to brand this as, let’s get some information out here so the dedicated can start making plans! I might even sell my F150! I don’t really need it if you’re going to make this happen. Information. Let’s not be coy with it, people. Not you people, you other people. You who are building the vehicle. You know who I’m talking about. Don’t you. That’s right. It’s you.

    The last new vehicle I purchased was in 1991. This will make me buy another new vehicle.

  • michael

    needs to be all wheel drive