The Best and Worst Commutes in America

The Best and Worst Commutes in America

With the holidays over, it’s time to come back to the real world. And part of that reality includes the commute to work. Have you ever wondered, while you’re sitting in traffic, if your commute to work is the worst there is? Thanks to the folks at Bundle and TheStreet, you can see if your state has bragging rights for the worst commute in the US.

With 90 localities covered in the survey, Dallas takes the top spot with the worst commute, followed closely (and slowly) by San Jose, Miami, Los Angeles and Bridgeport Connecticut. To put the drive into perspective, Dallas commuters travel a little over a combined 52 million miles every work day.

If you’re looking for a better drive to work, you may think about moving to Eugene, Oregon; Brownsville, Texas; Toledo, Ohio or Anchorage, Alaska – these locales boast the best commutes. As for the least amount of money spent on auto expenses and gas, Detroit came in first in this category.

Other findings from the study include the fact that the average American worker spends around $6,000 per year on transportation costs alone. It kind of makes you want to march right into your boss’ office and ask for a raise, doesn’t it?

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