The Ford Excursion Lives On; Tree Huggers be Warned

The Ford Excursion Lives On; Tree Huggers be Warned

When it arrived on the market for the 2000 model year, the Ford Excursion monster SUV was a natural target for the green lobby, due to its sheer size and weight. Ford originally discontinued this leviathan back in 2005, but now it has returned, with a vengeance.

Custom Autos by Tim, a Guthrie, Oklahoma outfit will now build you a brand new Excursion to order, utilizing a current F-Series Super Duty pickup as the donor vehicle. From there Custom Autos locates rust free Excursions, primarily from the Southwest, which are then brought to the shop.

The rear sheetmetal of the tired Excursion is removed with surgical precision and grafted onto the back of your brand new Super Duty. The result is a vehicle that looks factory and Custom Autos even allows buyers to choose between four and six-door configurations.

However, the price for a ‘new’ Excursion doesn’t come cheap. The whole conversion package costs around $23,000. Factor in the $29,480 MSRP of an entry level F-250 Super Duty and you’re looking well north of $50,000 by the time all’s said and done.

Yes, a Chevy Suburban or GMC Yukon XL represents better value for money but for sheer impact and ticking off  a few humorless greenies, a new, 2011 Excursion is probably priceless.

[Source: Custom Autos by Tim]

  • shuliena

    Well, every time I am traveling in my little Honda, I still see all the gas hogs on the highway. Go to any military town and you will see nothing but gas hogs. So, yea, if anyone feels like you want to but the new Ford Excursion….damn it, buy it. I still see Hummers on the highway. I live in Government housing and look at the energy waste going on here in these crappy apartments, management does not keep the doors sealed properly, all kinds of energy waste …. the government permits in subsidized properties……so hell yea, go buy a Ford Excursion.

  • breeboo

    You don’t even know what you’re talking about.  If you did, you’d know that YOU’RE the gas hog.  Let me break it down for you.

    I have a V-10 Excursion.  I get 15 MPG.  Really.  I’ve checked it many, many times (I’m kind of obsessive about that sort of thing).  I also have a 44 gallon gas tank.  So, I can do a 660-mile round trip in my Excursion – compared to your 360-mile trip you get in your Honda.  SO… I can safely and comfortably take 8 people and all of their gear 330 miles away for a week, and then bring them and their souvenirs home.  Now, how many trips would it take you to get 8 people and their gear (luggage) 330 miles from home, and then get them back?  What a complete waste of gas, you gas hog.

    Then, just for fun, try hooking up your RV to your Honda and go camping. 

  • tony

    Well Breeboo, I agree, I have the diesel, get 19+ mpg. Haul folks around for camping, football players and gear and my daughters cheer team. But you could have been a bit nicer to the chap, hell, I’d be sensitive too driving a mosquito car!!