Toyota FT-86 Concept II Teased Ahead of Geneva Auto Show Debut

Toyota FT-86 Concept II Teased Ahead of Geneva Auto Show Debut

Not ready to let Subaru steal the show with the unveiling of its FT-86-based concept in Geneva, Toyota will do the same.

But wait. What’s that you say? Toyota already unveiled the FT-86 Concept? Well yes, but this is the FT-86 Concept II. Yup, a sequel.

With a lone teaser image, Toyota’s new concept will give us a more accurate glimpse at the production version of the sports car and Toyota says it embodies the automaker’s, “reborn passion for sports car driving.”

In a brief press release, Toyota highlights its sports car history. We just hope they don’t disappoint and let the engineers build this one, not the accountants and lawyers.

The car will debut at the Geneva Auto Show on March 1st. Until then, see AutoGuide’s complete Geneva Auto Show Preview here.

  • CallinitlikeIseeit

    Toyota already let us down by dumping a boxer 4 in there.

  • Andy

    How is this a let down? You realize that a boxer engine is a flat layout like in Porsche’s, right? It gives a lower center or gravity and smoother revving characteristics.


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