Toyota Says Prius Will Be Best Selling Car in America by 2020

Toyota Says Prius Will Be Best Selling Car in America by 2020

With recently announced plans to unveil a Prius family of vehicles at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show, Toyota believes the vehicle that’s synonymous with hybrid technology will be the most popular car in America by 2020.

“We will end the decade with Prius being the number one nameplate in the industry,” said Toyota’s U.S. VP of Sales, Bob Carter. More impressively, Toyota aims to do this without losing sales on its Camry model, which is currently the best selling car in the industry.

To do this, Toyota will expand the Prius name to cover a whole line of vehicles, which will be previewed at the upcoming North American International Auto Show on January 10th. The debuts will include a larger and more functional Prius model (along the lines of an MPV), as well as a new concept model that Toyota has remained tight-lipped on. Toyota also plans to bring a plug-in version of the Prius to market later this year.

Toyota is currently the largest producer of hybrid models in the industry, selling 125,289 Prius models through November in the U.S. market – a considerable distance away from the Camry at 296,581 units.

Honda’s Insight Hybrid is nowhere close to the Prius, nor is any other competitor, with the Toyota model representing more than half of all hybrid vehicles sold in the U.S.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Jeff

    Dream on Toyota. I’m in the market for a new car. The Prius isn’t on my short list. I’m torn between the Sonata 2.0T, Sonata Hybrid, and waiting for the GM volt. If Hyundai puts their Blue Drive technology into the Elantra with the current 1.6 liter GDI engine I would buy it in a heartbeat. NiMH batteries and conventional fuel injection? Come on Toyota, stop insulting us. Once Hyundai completes their upgrades, it will be lights out unless Toyota gets serious. Watch the Genesis and Equus own Lexus at the same time. Not sure what Toyota is basing their projections on. Oh wait a minute, Toyota is the king of denial. Those episodes of unintended acceleration weren’t real. And Hyundai in their minds will always be a second rate manufacturer and not a threat. So much so that they think their Prius with the NiMH battery will beat Hyundai and their lithium polymer battery. The Hyundai battery lasts 300,000k miles based on their findings. The Blue drive technology is yet unproven in the real world, but the Prius stellar mileage declines noticeably after 50k miles. Replacing the battery to keep that stellar mileage is not a trivial matter either. Unless Toyota is planning a massive upgrade very soon, they are going to embarrassed by Hyundai. They are even going to get embarrassed by GM’s Volt. And they believe the Prius is going to be the topselling vehicle by 2020. Denial must be their new corporate operative.