Volkswagen Planning More SUVs, Crossovers for U.S. Market

Volkswagen Planning More SUVs, Crossovers for U.S. Market

As part of a larger plan to grow the brand in the U.S., Volkswagen will look to add more SUVs and crossovers to its lineup here. In an interview with Automotive News, VW’s U.S. boss Jonathan Browning commented that the the first place the German automaker is looking to make substantial growth is in the compact SUV segment, where cars like the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4, not to mention the Ford Escape and Chevy Equinox, dominate.

As for exactly what VW is planning, Browing remained tight-lipped but did comment that, “We’ve got plenty of ideas in terms of new product entries.”

Currently VW offers just the Tiguan and Touareg in North America, selling 20,946 Tiguans to U.S. customers last year, and just 4,713 Touaregs. Based on those numbers, Honda ‘s CR-V sells at a rate of 10:1 when compared to the Tiguan.

In addition to adding models, it’s possible that VW will look to follow its down-market plan, initiated with the new 2011 Jetta, when it comes to the Tiguan compact crossover – a vehicle that’s so expensive it’s often cross-shopped with luxury models rather than its intended rivals.

Browning also believes there’s space in the large SUV segment. He did not, however, comment on if VW would look to grow its U.S. sales with the introduction of the Amarok pickup in North America.

[Source: Automotive News]