Volkwswagen XL1 Concept Headed for Limited Production in 2013

Volkwswagen XL1 Concept Headed for Limited Production in 2013

Volkswagen‘s 261-mpg XL1 concept car is headed to production, easily besting fuel economy claims by cars like the Chevrolet Volt. Unveiled this week at the Qatar Motor Show, the vehicle is actually billed as a prototype and not a concept, with Volkswagen commenting in an official press release that this latest rendition of its 1 Liter car (a vehicle that can travel 100km on one liter of diesel), puts the project one step closer to production.

In an interview with Automobilwoche, VW execs confirmed plans to build a small production volume of the car (about 100 models), with initial sales in Germany, then in the U.S. and China.

Previous to this news, Volkswagen claimed that at the introduction of the L1 Concept (the XL1’s predecessor) at the Frankfurt Show in 2009 that a vehicle based on that concept would see production in 2013.

The XL1 uses plug-in diesel hybrid powertrain, with a 2-cylinder TDI motor with 48-hp, mated to a 27-hp electric motor and using a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. Volkswagen says that due to the plug-in hybrid setup, the power contained in the lithium-ion battery pack can propel the car 35 km (roughly 22 miles) emissions free.

GALLERY: Volkswagen LX1 Prototype

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[Source: TTAC]

  • vijay

    now increase the rate of petrol volkswagon is with us

  • Dr Raman Singh

    This prooves German concerns for global welfare.Their products are sturdy,Durable and value for money. Dr.Raman Singh , Ayurvedic Surgeon,Marawari Hospital Varanasi, UP ,India

  • Chad

    To really make a dent on global vehicle emissions, this sort of car needs to be priced at $12,000, so the working masses that commute to work that make up the vast majority of people on this planet, can afford it. Until then, all of g-whiz green tech won’t make a dent on anything.

    When you can build it so the lower middle class can afford, THAT will truly change things.

  • Perry

    Chad did you know you can buy a scooter that gets 80 mpg and ride that to work. I bet you drive a gas guzzling truck so you can bully people around on the way to your toxic plant job?

  • arnerobi@aol.com

    Maybe if they added a turbo and made it out of aluminum – carbon fiber is expensive.

  • bluto

    I like the idea of any car that will get very good fuel economy like this . Dont much like the look of this one though (some would say that doesnt matter , but I think it does a little bit . Youve got to like it !) I REALLY dont like the interior . What I dont like is the annoying centre console and shifter . Do we really need that in a modern hi-tech car ? I hate centre consoles and floor-shifters like this . A clear floor is so much better , more useful and less claustrophobic.

  • paras rathaur

    I am eager to know that when the lxi will come on indian road/market and would it be in the hands of middle income group people….means to say that will its price be affordable for MIG class

  • Jeff-poole

    How can I get notifications on when and wehere it will be available? I would put down a deposit immediately!

  • Colum Wood

    Volkswagen hasn’t released that much info, but keep reading AutoGuide and we’ll be sure to update this story with rollout information in the coming months.