Wald International Gives Rolls-Royce Phantom the Black Bison Treatment

Wald International Gives Rolls-Royce Phantom the Black Bison Treatment

There are very few, if any, vehicles in this world that can fall in the same category as Rolls-Royce‘s Phantom. Then you take an Extended Wheelbase version for extra luxury and comfort, team up with luxury-specialist Wald International, and you have yourself a luxury sedan that is simply peerless.

Continuing on their trend of releasing luxury-themed customs, Wald International has named this package as part of the company’s Sports Line ‘Black Bison’ Edition. Simply stated, it takes what Rolls-Royce has built with the Extended Wheelbase Phantom and adds another level of sportiness and luxury to the exterior package.

The front bumper, side skirts and extended rear bumper noticeably give the Phantom a whole new profile, while front fender vents, LED daytime lights and a trunk-spoiler give the entire body a little more panache. For this particular project, Wald International opted to bolt on a set of 24-inch Renovatio wheels to each corner of the Phantom.

Tacky by some accounts, if you’re looking for added exclusivity, Wald delivers.

GALLERY: Wald International Rolls-Royce Phantom EW

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