2011 Ford Explorer Recalled for Faulty Second-Row Reclining Seats

2011 Ford Explorer Recalled for Faulty Second-Row Reclining Seats

Ford‘s brand-new 2011 Explorer has just been hit with a recall for faulty second-row reclining seats. Recently awarded North American Truck of the Year, the recall affects just under 2,000 vehicles build between July 15 and December 13 of last year and sold in both the U.S. and Canada.

Customers will begin being notified on February 14th, and Ford dealers will not sell any of the affected vehicles until a new mechanism has been installed.

[Source: Detroit News]

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  • Caer

    I’m putting my post on several “Make a comment” I want as many people as possible to know how Ford treats it’s customers. So sorry if you read this already.

    I HAD a 2003 Windstar with 68,000 miles. Only owner. I did the maintenance required. Was garage kept for the 1st 3 1/2 years. The 1st week of Novemeber the dealer took it and said they would get the part in Jan 2011. They paid for the rental. This week they condemed my van due to the 2nd recall. My buy out is $9,000.00. The catch – the dealer pressured me to sign the papers right away. Once I did, I did NOT get a check. 5-7 days, longer if a week-end was involed, but I had to turn in my rental on Friday no matter what I did. Dealer said it was Corp’s rules. When I called Corp they said it was dealer’s rules. When I asked about the other people from the 1st recall waiting 3 months+ for their checks the reply was yes there were delays for the 1st recall buy out. That could happen again. I asked to please keep my rental until I get my check. They said no. It would cost them too much money. But now it is Friday and I have no car to drive to work or get my kids to school. I also have no idea when I will get my check. NEVER A FORD AGAIN!!! I get the van is unsafe. I get this whole thing was a very bad mistake. What I don’t get is how I had to give Ford a check to leave with my van in March of 2003, but now that they are buying it back they don’t have to give me my check until they get around to it. They papers said they had a fixed time frame for me to keep the rental. What about a fixed time frame to give me my money. Anyone have any ideas???

  • Chester Remy

    It’s always tough whenever car manufacturers are having recalls specially when they already launched the product to the world only for faulty seats they failed to replace.