2012 Fiat 500 Buyers “Have No Interest” In Manual Transmission, Want “No-Haggle” Pricing

2012 Fiat 500 Buyers “Have No Interest” In Manual Transmission, Want “No-Haggle” Pricing

Fiat is hoping to eliminate haggling from the buying experience of the new 500 small car, in what the company claims is a bid to eliminate a stressful process for younger buyers.

Speaking to Automotive News, Fiat USA head Laura Sove stated that “The pricing is the pricing.” “The younger generation doesn’t haggle. They don’t feel comfortable with it. They hate the experience.”

Fiat dealers have been briefed on the regulations, including a ban on advertising cars below MSRP. Soave also noted the expected popularity of the automatic gearbox version, claiming that younger customers “never learned how to drive a manual and they have no interest in driving a manual.”

[Source: Automotive News]

  • m

    Maybe I’m not young enough, but we’re buying this instead of the Scion IQ because it comes with a manual.

  • Rick

    I wouldn’t buy a small car like that without a manual even with a 50 percent discount.

  • James Arens

    You are smoking crack if you believe one word of that, Laura. My 500 will be manual, and I will haggle the price.

  • Peter

    I currently own a smart car and the one feature I dislike the most about it is the “F1” paddle shift transmission… I’m considering replacing the smart with the Fiat 500 because it is available with a manual tranny!

    (If you’re reading this Fiat USA, please don’t take away the manual tranny)

  • RW

    Viva FIAT 131 Abarth Rally,, the forgotten triple World Champion !!

  • dante

    manual trans with the 6 speed please!

  • angelo

    well said dante 6 speed manual, the RMV office schould requaired to know how to drive with a stupid stick, just in case you get deported somewhere else other than Hawaii