2012 Honda Civic Si Confirmed With 200-HP 2.4L

2012 Honda Civic Si Confirmed With 200-HP 2.4L

Confirming speculation, Honda has revealed the new 2012 Honda Civic Si with a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine making 200-hp. A slight increase of 3-hp over the outgoing model, the larger displacement engine (by 0.4-liters) makes 170 lb-ft of torque, a more drastic jump of 31 lb-ft.

While perhaps not the massive jump forward that some would like, it’s exactly the engine Honda fans have been calling for for years.

Available as both a coupe and a sedan, Honda is claiming 31-mpg highway for the sports coupe.

Along with the Si, Honda has also revealed the rest of the 2012 Civic lineup, with a 45-mpg Civic Hybrid, Civic Sedan, Coupe, high-mileage HF version and natural-gas powered model.

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  • Bob

    This is NOT the HONDA we have been waiting for for years….not even close! its a sub-standard version of what they should have given us. What ever happend to torque and horsepower…..this is the slowest car in its group. all others have turbo chargers and way more torque and horsepower. PLus its not even close to being as good looking as what they showed us a few weeks ago!!! for shame honda!

    HONDA has no idea how to design and build a fast car anymore….they leave it up to the after market crowed to rip us off on upgraded parts!!!!

    thanks for the disappointment HONDA!

    I’ll stick with my ’06 Si until its dead and than I’ll go buy Korean.

  • tee

    Sure…other manufactures can beat hondas torque wise..horsepower wise from STOCK. But its hondas perform so well. Motto Power of dreams….one of the mottos I live by. Sports wise…a honda can be a foundation of your dreams. What other natural aspirated 4cylinder can even compete with honda? People keep expecting the new line of honda cars to be better n better…way I see it…perfection is hard.. so maybe its more like better…worse…better…alright…to GREATER. Its a process I’m more to willing to wait for just to see what honda will do next. If I could ill put my own time into help design the next generation of hondas.




  • noclist

    Disappointing Honda. I expected at least 224 HP out of the 2.4L. A 31 lb increase in torgue isn’t going to cut it for me.
    When the lease is up on my 09 SI in August, this won’t even be a consideration. May opt for a 11 si or TSX. Apparently, Honda’s racing reputation is a thing of the past. Mass market is their single focus now.

  • Scuromondo

    It looks like the Honda engineers tried to compromise performance a bit in order to get MPG–which is understandable on the standard Civic, but seems difficult to justify for the Si. Still, it will be interesting to see what the final product looks like.

    Based on the 200HP rating, it suggests to me that the new Si likely won’t be the high-revving driving experience of its predecessors and that it may not duplicate the exquisite matching between that marvelously flat-torqued engine and the smoothest-shifting 6-speed on the market, perfectly synched in the land of iVTEC from 6000-to-8000 RPM! An 8000 RPM engine rated for 170 lb-ft of torque would obviously deliver much more than 200HP.

  • john doe

    I guess theres pros and cons on the new Honda SI. IMO I think its trash. The 2.0 NA makes alot more power than a 2.4 NA. But i guess the 2.4 saves alot more gas.

  • amped

    When will all of you honda fans get it? The Civic is always will be an econobox. It will never be a sports car nor offer a driving experience similar to any true sports car. Even the old Civic type-r’s were a sorry excuse. The only exciting cars they ever made were the NSX and the S2000. Both of which has long been killed. If you look at all the japanese manufacturers and list all their exciting cars past and present honda has the shortest list…. Toyota – 2000GT, AE86, Supra, Celica(the rwd models), Soarer(SC300,SC400), Altezza(IS300), IS-F, and the LFA. Mazda – Cosmo, RX-7, RX-8, Miata(MX-5), Mazdaspeed 6, Mazdaspeed 3, and the 323 GTR. Mitsubishi – Lancer(rwd models), Galant VR4, Galant VR6, Evolution 1 to X, and Pajero evolution. Nissan – 240Z, Silvia(240sx), 180sx, 200sx(S12), 300zx, Stagea, 350Z, 370Z, G35, G37, Skyline, and GTR(R35). Now Honda – S2000 and NSX…..

  • EG4Touge

    Two words come to mind; bland and underpowered. Where’s the passion Honda?

  • Karl

    I liked my first 87 integra. Had a 1991 awd eclipse/ eagle 2.0 litre turbo. Since had a few rsx Acura’s. And have loved the pain free maintenance of the Civic/ Acura versions rated at 200 hp, but that was 7 years ago. Please step it up and give us what we really want Honda. We are sure you can deliver it and why are we all waiting when other Companies are luring us away. It does’nt make much sense my buying an Eclipse with a 2.4 litre it gets crappy mileage and won’t make 200k like my previos rsx’s.

  • Jerod

    As an owner of an 08 Si I am a little disappointed they only gave the 2012 a 3 hp increase. I will reserve judgment until I see it person and actually drive one. I sure hope it didn’t get any heavier then the 8th gen’s.

  • Richard Plutt

    When are they going to come out the Civic “Si” that incorporates an AUTOMATIC? It’s disappointing that with so much commute traffic, and stop and go requirements in today’s environment, that Honda hasn’t recognized the need to market a more sophisticated Civic (trim package/powerplant/and drive train) to the current “baby boomers” of the US. I want an Si; however, with the brutal commutes in today’s busy cities, the clutch work is is just too much of a deterrent. Honda there is a large market out there just waiting to be tapped – it’s called a more sophisticated trim packgage and power plant for the older generation. I think an “Si” with an automatic would fill the bill. I already own a 307 horseposer six speed (sports car company from another company) but I never use it for my commute driving.

  • Colum Wood


    While most would cringe at the idea of an Si auto-box, you do make a good point. Ideally, a dual-clutch transmission would be best, with lightning-fast shifts when you want them and a full auto mode when you don’t.
    Honda could really use a dual-clutch.

  • Bobbi Brown

    Honda is directing the Civic to compete with the Elantra and Corolla. Honda is hurting financially so they can’t afford to upgrade their cars.

  • RWS

    Will the engine be high-reving like the current model?

  • Killahxft

    I’ve watched the si go from an ok 160 up weakling to the newer 197 up beast it is…. Or was to now just a 4 up gain??? I would have thought a compression bump, or some electronic tuning / port/ polished intake magic. I’m still interested in getting one… But so far no dealer in my area has one… They has all the other civics for 2012… But no Si in sight… I still drive my 99′ accord lx with the 2.3l 150hp 151 tq… Car has 203k on it now… Even on hondaw website you can’t find one to take a test drive in…..

  • Killahxft

    Come to fond out the civic si is coming in may… Guess I can wait a week or so

  • chris

    Actually to all complaining honda left the scene and isn’t making fun cars they are bringing the nsx and rsx back and another car unnamed to be a sports car as well so things are on the up believe it or not read it in the last motor trend mag=-)Rsx was/is my fave fwd car of all time I’d say well balanced car.

  • Bob

    In my opinion the civic well be faster than the 09 tsx

  • Bob

    Civic would be little bit faster than the tsx

  • Bill

    I just put a 2.4 frankinstien in my 07 Honda civic si, I now have 48,000.00 in this car and it’s unbelievable all the rest you have no clue what power is, this car is putting out over 600 horse on the Dino, eat your heart out . Good day to the rest.