2012 Honda Civic Si Getting Torquier 200-HP 2.4L

2012 Honda Civic Si Getting Torquier 200-HP 2.4L

***UPDATE*** 2012 Honda Civic Si Officially Revealed, Get Full Details and Specs Here ***UPDATE***

Honda‘s next generation of the Civic Si looks to be a winner, thanks to a nearly-identical powerplant to the one currently offered in the much larger Acura TSX. Replacing the current 2.0-liter will be a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder and while horsepower won’t increase by much, torque is set to go up more significantly.

According to a report by Temple of Vtec, expect between 200 to 210-hp, while torque will jump from around 139 lb-ft to around 172 lb-ft.

The rest of the lineup will then get a version of the current 1.8-liter but with improved horsepower and fuel efficiency.

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  • 8thgen SI

    I feel very dissappointed here. With 197hp and a 2.0L it pushes out 98.5 hp per liter. With 210hp on a 2.4L, it’s only 87.5 hp per liter. This could well be the same as the EM1 2002-2005 Civic all over again. Honda’s never get the message, “It doesn’t sell”! In order to get the package of the 2.4L, Honda needs the engine to spec to at least a 240hp. Read everyone’s message HONDA. This displacement will not be 8K RPM. While the torque is there, give us the ability to get the 100 hp per liter the VTEC was known for. Long live the 8th civic as the true 100hp per liter of it’s 2.0L. Honda of North America, it’s a clear message, give us the Japanese market engines!

  • 2point

    Please remove the butt-hole from the rear end of the 2dr. It doesn’t look good on any car accept a quad tipped Corvette.

    The 2.4l is a good way to go. The piston forces are less than the 2 liter which makes for a more reliable motor for DD and Race. All hail 300K mile Civics! Sorry Mr. 8thgen Si, but anything the 2 liter can do, the 2.4 liter can do just as well, especially without a turbo attached to it.

    Honda, please give 13″ brakes with 28mm thick rotors as an OEM stock option! You will do better in Racing classes around the globe! Please do not add more weight to the top fo the car via huge moonroof and please give us the option to not have one period.. . If you aren’t going to give us the JDM Type R, give us options. Americans love options!

  • Ryan

    I have a 2.4L in my civic Si right now. Trust me, Everyone will be very happy with the added Tq. I Do hope the weight of the car isn’t more then the current gen. These 2.4L motors will be making a lot more then 200hp when they get into the right peoples hands. My 2.4L out of an older TSX made 280hp with very little work. So honda people can be happy about everything but the intergrated exhaust manifold that comes with these new motors.

  • Mike M

    The largest complaint(s) about the 8th gen Si are as follows:
    1. 3rd gear pop-out/grinding issues (not sure what they’ve done to fix it for 9th gen)
    2. Daily drivability is kind of lame; it makes most of it’s torque and power way up high and when driven like a sane person in day-to-day driving, it feels kind of underpowered. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a blast to flog, but I would rather have something that makes more torque below 5,000rpm to drive every day.

    For me, I’m really disappointed this isn’t a lift-back like the RSX. Styling isn’t bad, the 2.4 should be excellent in this car, hopefully the 3rd gear issue is fixed. Make it a lift-back and I’m sold.

  • Gio

    I don’t get this… most of Si users are potential buyers for next gen, but adding only 13HP and some torque is just not a reason to buy a new civic. It’s cheaper and easier to get a little turbo or S/C and just have your car exactly as you want to. I will spend 4K in a F/I setup before spending 5K for 13HP and 33 pounds of torque… also paying more (insurance and taxes) for having a 2.4 engine. If the say something like: ”its a bigger, stronger engine that makes the same MPG’s as the previous one…” i’ll just smile, and walk by the dealer.

  • integrasi

    i saw an article somewhere that base model 9th gen will get 2.0 litter as standard and “si” model will get 2.0 or 2.4 litter turbo with 240 hp… we’ll just have our fingers crossed…

    the front facial looks very identical to 8th gen. interior looks like the new CR-Z interior…

  • 2008 si

    I will only buy the new one if it makes at least 240 hp and is noticeably faster for similar money. Otherwise I will drive my 08 which is almost paid off. HUGE letdown.

  • bearsek

    People please. The 8th civic was a torqueless wonder. Even if it the new engine maeks 3 less peak the torque will make if feel a ton faster. Who cares how many hp per liter. The car will feel way faster which is what matters.

  • Auston

    I agree with bearserk. Torque is where they failed last time. I cant beat my buddies stock TC with the crappy amount of stock torque my 07 Si has. I gaurantee that when the true specs come out, every current gen Si owner’s gonna be tradin left nd right, unless they’ve got some lagit reasons as to why they wont.



  • 2008 si

    Well, pretty simple… My ’08 SI is going now that I saw the new GLI. Either the ’12 SI gets 240+ hp or I am buying the new GLI.

  • Matt S

    Will this one have a new 6 speed transmission or the same one as my ’07 Si that required 2 replacements and 13 trips to the dealership for 3rd gear problems in 20,000 miles?

  • Juan

    civic si > scion TC…. how did u lose to a TC?? seriously…

    the new SI sounds good with the torque added but i would rather just F/I my 8th gen si and save the money of buying a new car that just is a little different in torque and nothing in HP. i was expecting more.

  • Craig L

    I had an ’08 Si, but after reading and looking at the ’12… I went out today and bought an ’11 Si. I was going to wait for the ’12, but I like the setup I had in my ’08 and wasn’t impressed with the numbers for the ’12. Hope I made the right choice, but I took the safe road (know and liked what I had in the ’08) rather then risk the dissapointment of a first line 9th gen. If the ’12 is better then what I think it is now, maybe I’ll trade again in 2-3 years.

  • T

    Wow they’re doing that to obviously compete with the new tC! I had a tC and LOVED the low end torque but hated the quality of the car. Now with civic’s quality and that low end torque combined into one machine it’s going to be an awesome car. I can’t wait to drive one!!

  • Bobbi Brown

    The interior pic (of the EX-L) is available online at the Honda USA site. I wish they would get rid of that Mickey Mouse 2-tier dash and revert to analog guages. The digital speedo is distracting and reminds me of a ’92 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. The tach is more important than the speedo so the tach should be on the upper tier. I’ve been a big Honda fan for many years, but looks like I’ll be getting the GTi.

  • Bobbi Brown

    Also, Honda should have invested in Direct Injection. Increased horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency. Perhaps VTEC cannot work with DGI? With DGI, Si could have kept the 2.0 rather than sacrificing some handling with the heavier 2.4?

  • noclist

    Total fail Honda. Who redesigned the sedan? A blind man? If you think I’m going to spend 24k for an extra 3 HP and some additional torque, you’re dreaming. Better have another 8th gen si when my lease is up in September or directions to the nearest VW dealer.

  • disappointed hondaowner

    While it is an improvement-I’m afraid Honda did not do enough to improve the car from the previouis generation (it will still find itself losing in the power department. The WRX, and Mazdaspeeds have a lot more power and the Mustang Six cylinder has a lot more power and torque with only a slight penalty in gas mileage to the new SI. In fact, I bet the Mustang will easily outperform the SI and I would be a better buy than the SI.

  • lvmysi

    My 07′ will do just fine…s/c’d stage 2, I/H/E. No way the 12′ is coming close without major mods, nor will I even consider getting one until the numbers and mods are proven.

  • KM

    It remains to be seen if the more powerful 2.4 liter engine will outperform the 2.0 liter due to a number of factors. The present rare 6 speed manual Acura TSX which utilizes this 2.4 liter engine is not exactly a performance powerhouse.
    It is unfortunate that the high output 2.0 liter V4 used in now defunct Honda S2000 has vanished,

  • stoyota

    can’t believe that new gen honda is adding a 2.4L to replace 2.0L with only 3-13 ponies more. What a waist of tecnology, was looking forward to buying a new si. think i will buy a corola s with a 2.4L for 8k less.

  • stoyota

    buy the way torque is only out of the hole, once vehicle hits above 40kh horsepower kicks in

  • tman

    VW > Honda

  • pedro

    civic si 5th gen 1.6l = 127 hp … 6th gen-1.6l = 160hp … 7th gen 2.0l = 160hp … 8th gen 2.0l = 197hp … 9th gen 2.4l = 201hp …. 10th gen will have something like 240hp… i think honda raise the size of the engine and than they make it very powerful

  • Bryan

    I love my 8th gen civic si because in heavy traffic, it is very agile. But, it does need more balls. Why in the world doesn’t honda make a version with a turbo or supercharger made by honda and not second party vendors? The only problem i have with my 8th gen is that its no longer a true tuner car because not many vendors make shit for it. It is still a great car, but it is my opinion that its not a true sports car.

  • proud fa5 owner

    I don’t care for the body style of the new 2012 civic ( all models ). When is Honda going to learn to turbo charge the si. They are trying to tell me it wouldn’t be worth it because it wouldn’t sell. We need to gang up on Honda and make them turbo the si.

  • Daddysankei

    because every lil fag wants boost while older pple dont care they dont build civics for yungins anymore it has to sell to other generation of pple…