Audi R8 NF Previews Next Generation Of Lightweight Cars

Audi R8 NF Previews Next Generation Of Lightweight Cars

While the pictures above show a regular Audi R8, the four-ring brand is working on a new supercar, codenamed the NF, that uses a vast amount of carbon fiber in the vehicles construction to help shed serious weight.

Audi previewed the vehicle at a private event in Germany, but security was extremely tight, and only a rendering of the passenger compartment was shown. Furthermore, cameras were explicitly banned. Audi did have on hand a prototype R8 with a carbon fiber roof and floor pan, as well as a crash tested model that was made of a similar construction, but only photos of the intact prototype have surfaced.

The NF is expected to bow in 2014 as part of an on-going program within Audi to expand the use of lightweight materials across their lineup. The R8 Spyder already uses a carbon fiber engine cover, while the E-Tron will introduce features like a carbon fiber roof. At that point, the NF, if it exists, will then debut with substantial structural elements made of the lightweight material.

  • Rob Krebs

    Carbon fiber and other plastics are the future of lightweight vehicles, and Audi is leading here. In light of the automaker’s recent announcement of a partnership with German supplier Voith for the purpose of mass-producing lightweight composite materials, it’s no surprise that there’s suddenly buzz about a carbon fiber supercar. Great reporting Derek Kreindler. Audi clearly recognizes the benefits: decreased weight, increased fuel-efficiency, better performance, etc.,. More to come, I’m sure.

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