BMW M3 Frozen Black Competition Package Draws You in Like a Black Hole [CIAS 2011]

BMW M3 Frozen Black Competition Package Draws You in Like a Black Hole [CIAS 2011]

There’s nothing terribly new at BMW‘s Canadian International Auto Show display, but that’s not to say there isn’t anything worth looking at. True, it’s the Canadian unveiling of the new 6 Series Convertible, but it was already unveiled in Detroit over a month ago, and isn’t terribly exciting anyway.

What is worth checking out is a very special Frozen Black Competition Package M3. Initially, BMW unveiled the limited edition Frozen Gray M3, priced extravagantly due to its exclusivity.

While there isn’t a specific number of limited edition Frozen Black models, the paint color is only available as an add-on option for those who also pick the Competition package, which includes a 10mm lower suspension, lighter 19-inch wheels, a remapped Electronic Damping Control system and more aggressive Dynamic Stability Control. That alone should make it a rare model.

Pricing for both the Competition Package and the matte-black paint comes out to a pretty shocking $9,900 (CDN). The competition package alone is $2,500 U.S., but BMW has never mentioned a U.S. pricing for the paint.

GALLERY: BMW M3 Frozen Black Competition Package

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  • Dave

    I saw this car in a local dealer ship last week. It was roped off with a do not touch sign and the price was $99,900 cdn. I think there is way more involved in the care of the BMW “frozen” paint job than most people want to deal with. You can’t take it through an automatic car wash that has a wax cycle!

  • Penny L Hamm

    Why in the name of God would you even think of taking this machine to a carwash?? If you want an Expensive Beast like this, and can afford it, why destroy it an Chemicals,and careless attendants. Never mind Your rims will never be the same. You have to respect your investment. Get out there witth a Micro fiber sponge and wipes, use the proper car wash material, and treat it like GOLD. These cars arent Toys. Buy a Honda if you want to run to a carwash.