BMW Sub-Brand Set To Launch Monday

BMW Sub-Brand Set To Launch Monday

While rumors of the new BMW sub-brand have been floating around for months, February 21st has been marked as the official announcement date for details the sub-brand, and the apparently revolutionary MegaCity electric vehicle.

Many suggest that the new sub-brand will be a re-imagining of the Isetta microcar of nearly a half century ago, and use some of the advanced materials that the Megacity also uses. Smaller internal combustion engines are a possibility, with the MegaCity setting itself apart by using the all electric drivetrain used in the BMW ActiveE.

[Source: WorldCarFans]

  • kenny

    I’d love to buy a modern Isetta, as long as it wasn’t an over-priced EV. OMG you idiots — keep it simple! Why make it some complicated — COMPLETELY the opposite of the Isetta and the spirit it was designed!