Ford Focus Electric Will Require Almost No Maintenance

Ford Focus Electric Will Require Almost No Maintenance

One of the big advantages of an electric car is the lack of routine servicing they require. With only the battery and electric motor present, consumables like fluids, filters, belts and the like are obsolete.

Ford is making this a big selling point for their upcoming Focus Electric, as it released a list of 25 items that will never require replacement or repair for the first 150,000 miles. Of course, we normally shy away from blatantly running press releases, but the document gives a cool insight into one of the big differences between EVs and gasoline powered cars.

Of course, that’s assuming that the battery technology is all sorted, and it lasts through the 150,000 mile mark…

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CHICAGO, Feb. 9, 2011 – When it comes to maintenance, the all-new Ford Focus Electric rewrites the owner’s manual.

The battery electric drivetrain in the Focus Electric reduces the number of moving mechanical components compared with a conventional internal combustion-engined vehicle. And that means Focus Electric drivers will spend far less time and money on maintenance.

Here are the top 25 items that usually require inspection, maintenance or replacement during the 10-year, 150,000-mile life of a conventional car that the driver of a Ford Focus Electric will never have to worry about:

Air filter Alternator Battery Clutch Fuel filter Fuel injectors/fuel pump Motor mounts Motor oil Muffler Oil filter O2 sensors Power steering fluid Radiator Radiator hose, lower Radiator hose, upper Serpentine belt Spark plugs Spark plug wires Starter Thermostat Timing belt Transmission adjustment (automatics) Transmission filter (automatics) Transmission fluid or oil Water pump

  • Chad

    So…how much will all of this non-maintenance cost?

  • jojo

    easily $4k