Jaguar B 99 Concept by Bertone Leaked for Geneva

Jaguar B 99 Concept by Bertone Leaked for Geneva

Famed design house Bertone, of Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo fame, has given Jaguar a hint of Italian flair with the B 99 concept. Slated to be unveiled at Geneva, advance pictures have leaked and given us an idea of what it’ll look like.

The B 99 is what Bertone believes a modern Jaguar should look like, complementing the dramatic lines of the XF and new XJ, with a long, flowing hood and arrow-straight lines. The leaping cat is back in its rightful place on the hood as well, and the ovoid grille suggests the XK and its sporting ancestors.

Rumors from Coventry suggest that Jaguar is preparing a rival to the BMW 3-Series, and while there’s not much known about the extent of the collaboration between Bertone and Jaguar, this could foreshadow that upcoming car.

Click the jump for another picture of what will undoubtedly be one of the showstoppers of the Geneva show.

[Source: Autoblog]

  • Bern TenCate

    Gorgeous! This is the future of “The Jag”.

  • Bernie

    Absolutely marvelous – Clean, essential Jaguar curves. Simple 3 box gone mod – it shows the right kind of “poor man’s Rolls” taste, while keeping it’s own identity. This will wet appetites and get the right people into the show rooms.

  • Scottalanpresley

    Put this car into production, extend the rear doors just a smidgit to lean it out and you will have a masterpiece.