Meet Other Drivers With Bump Social Media Site and App

Meet Other Drivers With Bump Social Media Site and App

We spend a lot of time in our cars, so it makes sense that there should be a social media site that gives us the chance to socialize while sitting in traffic. Now you can meet and chat with other drivers using

Let’s just say you see a cutie in the next car over and you want to connect. Or the guy driving the SUV just cut you off and you want him to know just how you feel. If you’re registered with and have downloaded the Bump iPhone app, all you have to do is take a picture of that person’s license plate. Then, you add a message to go along with the picture, like “You’re my soul mate, marry me” or “Dude, way to check your blind spot.”

However, the person you want to send the message to will only get it if they have claimed their license plate on the site and verified they are the car’s owner. A test message or email is sent to them and they can look up your identity page (anonymous messages aren’t allowed) and respond to your message.

Now, we know you’re thinking to yourself” “But isn’t texting and driving illegal and dangerous?” The folks at Bump have that all figured out. Using your iPhone’s built-in accelerometer, if Bump sees that you are moving more than five miles per hour, it won’t let you send a text message. But don’t worry, you can use a voice interface to speak the license plate and message instead.


  • Jeff

    Awesome…great idea!