Mexican Government Upset over Top Gear Remarks

Mexican Government Upset over Top Gear Remarks

Top Gear, the BBC’s infamous car/entertainment show has gained a huge following world wide since it’s reincarnation in 2002.

Many find its off-the wall challenges, insults and humor hard to resist. At the same time, it’s often been the subject of controversy, thanks to forthright comments spouted by presenters Jeremy Clarkson and usually, to a lesser extent, Richard Hammond and James May.

Most recently, the show has become the target of the Mexican government, following remarks made by Hammond during one of presenters’ televised gabbing sessions.

In discussing Mexico’s new Mastretta MXT sports car, Hammond said “Mexican cars are just going to be lazy, feckless and overweight, leaning against  a fence asleep, looking at a cactus with a blanket with a hole in the middle on as a coat.”

Clarkson then went on to joke that the BBC wouldn’t receive any complaints from the Mexican ambassador, quite simply because he would likely be asleep.

In response, said ambassador sent a letter to the BBC saying that the presenters had used vulgar and bigoted language to describe the people of his country, describing the remarks as xenophobic and humiliating.

Really? Perhaps the Ambassador needs to spend more time in Britain.

As for the MXT, if it does prove to be a good car, then it’s likely the company that builds it, nor the Republic of Mexico should have anything to worry about, least of all comments spouted on a segment of some British TV show.

[Source: BBC]

  • Patricia

    Well I just think they are a bunch of aholes, unfortunately I don’t have a tv show to say it…

  • Danny Tse

    To the author of above article….

    So you think it’s OK to degrade and stereotype other people on a TV show? Or are you a closet bigot too?

  • Karla

    Really?? yes, they are good at cars that’s it…mmmm..(their team actually) need
    to be a bit, just a bit, intelligent to know that this comments can’t be made by educated people. Shame

  • amped

    People are taking this way too seriously. On a regular basis they say more insulting remarks about America. They joke on American stereotypes more times in being 5 minutes on air than they did about Mexicans during that whole episode. Yet there hasn’t been any issue with it. Why? Maybe because most Americans have better things to do and know how to take a joke…

  • Tu AMA

    It is insulting to us because we are the ones building your houses, mowing your lawns, and working in the fields. And to be called lazy is a huge slap in the face. Many of us go thru really hard times trying to make an honest living. I’m glad that Mexico is standing up for it’s people.

  • Edu

    Mexico is a federation not a republic. One should expect a bbc columnist to know this….

  • Karina

    No because this is “English humor” we have to accepted. And no because American or other countries accept this type of jokes, we have to. This is a lack of respect. And of course these guys just showed theirselves what ignorants they are.

  • mark

    If the ambassador remarks that what Mr Clarkson said was “referring to the people of mexico,” i guess the ambassador recognizes the remarks to be true. Also, lets kinda of get with the program with the Brit humor, after you wake up, Mr Ambassador.

  • amped

    Hahahahaha. BBC “apologized” but still made sure not to admit they did anything wrong. Take that all you cry babys!!!

  • carlos ordaz

    miren bola de idiotas racistas, piensan que México es un país que nunca se ha desarrollado pero están equivocados somos un país rico en cultura, en gastronomía etc, y al idiota que dijo que el carro venia incluido con nopales y tortillas no confundan bola de envidiosos viene incluida de creatividad y entrega, soy mexicano y no pido exigo una disculpa a mi correo y por parte de estas personas que conducen el programa

  • amped

    @carlos ordaz

    looks like someone was too “LAZY” to reply in english. i dont think you deserve a reply in the mail. a simple “chill out” should suffice for you.

  • empb

    @Danny Tse

    QUOTE “So you think it’s OK to degrade and stereotype other people on a TV show? Or are you a closet bigot too?”

    Yes I think its perfectly fine for the Top Gear presenters to do that you idiot MR Danny Tee…….Top Gear insult everyone including each other……are you really going to get upset about some fools on tv joking about things when there is worse stuff going on in the world!!!! Grow a pair…man!

  • empb

    @Danny Tse.

    Its called sarcasm by the way, you should really look it up in a dictonary.

  • Jack

    Yea the guys on the show are jerks. People who like that kind of show also like reality shows where people get humiliated, voted off, etc. It’s called the “when I see others get humiliated I feel better about myself” syndrone…
    I find it hilarious that “empb” made a “look it up in a dictonary” comment. Dude you need to look up how to spell dictionary. LOL.

  • sam

    it’s called humour…get used to it.

  • @mark  you useless piece of shit. @ jack u r right lol @empb you made a full of yourself .. ohh did i say full? hahahah @carlos ordaz yeah mexico is a developing country, some parts waaay more developed than others n even nissan manufactures there

  • Who cares?

    Stop taking everything so serious.