Revamped Lotus Evora to Get More Aggressive Styling, Improved Interior

Revamped Lotus Evora to Get More Aggressive Styling, Improved Interior
Now that Lotus is under the tutelage of Danny Bahar, the company is trying to revamp the Evora, a car many enthusiasts forgot even existed.
Lotus’s “Porsche-killer” seats four (two adults and two man-children in the backseat) in the guise of a grand tourer, but sales in North America have been sluggish, to say the least.
In accordance with Lotus’s recent deluge of concept cars, the Evora will be brought into line with a new front face and other styling treatments, and to keep current with the competition it will have a new, more refined interior, more suited to grand touring than its Elise and Exige counterparts.
Lotus design chief Donato Coco (formerly of Ferrari) says the traditional Lotus mouth is “too weak” for a car capable of great speeds: “Even many economy cars look more aggresssive,” he says. Will this translate to greater sales? At $73,500 for the base model, will the revamped Evora capture the hearts of iconoclastic-minded North Americans? Only time and a press release will tell.

[Source: Autocar]

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  • Darrell

    I would not consider spending $73k on an Evora. Nor would I even consider a straight trade of a brand new Evora for my old wore out 05 N/A Elise.

    Not a chance. My Elise is so much more a pure drivers car than anything I’ve seen of the Evora. And as a Lotus owner I am constantly bombarded with Evora news, so it’s not that I’m lacking in information or corporate propaganda.

    I think it’s just sad that we are being slapped around with Evora.
    Quit jerking me off and rack out the Esprit, before you bore me to another brand.