UAW Sued By Former Chrysler Employee Over Sexual Harassment

UAW Sued By Former Chrysler Employee Over Sexual Harassment

A Chrysler worker, claiming to have been fired after ending a relationship with the son of a United Auto Workers official, is now suing the UAW for sexual harassment, gender discrimination and retaliation. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit.

Janet Burney began dating Pat Byers, son of John Byers, who was head of the UAW-Chrysler National Training Center. Shortly after, Burney was promoted and given a substantial raise. Burney claims that after the relationship ended, her position was terminated.

“Pat Byers had told the plaintiff repeatedly that as long as she was with him her job in special assignment was secure,” Burney’s lawyer Richard A. Meier said in the lawsuit. “[Burney] was terminated because she is a female who refused to continue a sexual relationship with Pat Byers.

[Source: Detroit News]

  • Johny On The Spot

    Chrysler seems to let women and some men go through these situations. I also was treated horribly and tried to sue. Try finding an lawyer to take your case pro bono after the eeoc shuts the door in your face. They spy on you in the bathroom, they get your co-workers to go against you. They have someone tell your neighbors that you are going crazy. They have people around you do rotten things to you. Then you have to get and go to work to the same thing day after day. Then they have someone put cameras and microphones in your apartment to see what you are doing and who you are telling things to. It’s real pathetic when they get women to treat you that way too. Mental torture. along with many other things. That’s their new way of getting out of trouble. They have some sick people up at the top and the union sits there and does nothing (I will say not all of them are like that). They let the men get out of trouble. They will have someone follow you too. I am trying to help people because they did this to me and they still are and I don’t even work there anymore. We used to have a strong union, not anymore, I feel sorry for the good ones who don’t know whats going on. Look into how many sexual harassment suit that have been filed against them. It’s like they have a playground to go to everyday and we are the victims of their way of having their sick fun. We get ruined while they get more money in their bank accounts. I wonder what they tell their wives or girlfriends or husband and boyfriends? I believe corporations will hire private detectives to do these types of things and then they decide to get your co-workers involved.

    I won’t be made a fool of.

    Johny On The Spot