Win A Nissan Quest In Disney’s Mars Needs Mom Sweepstakes

Win A Nissan Quest In Disney’s Mars Needs Mom Sweepstakes

Moms, listen up – this one’s all about you. To promote their new movie, Mars Needs Moms, Disney wants you to win an all-new Nissan Quest.

The movie follows the adventures of nine-year-old Milo, who discovers how much he needs his mom (voiced by Joan Cusack) when she is kidnapped by aliens. It turns out they need moms to help raise their little Martians.  Moms will love the movie because it’s all about how important they are, while the rest of the family will dig that it’s being shown in IMAX 3D.

The grand prize winner gets to take home the all-new Nissan Quest. Just sign up here for your chance to win. You can play the Mars Need Moms game for more entries to the contest (and it’s a great way to waste some time at work… although we don’t condone that). The contest closes on March 31, 2011.

[Source: Disney]

  • kayla

    i want a car like that…………..

  • diamond dezz segers

    Hi my name is diamond a I’m a mother of four wonderful kids three girls an one boy they are all under the age six its hard being a mom. With a small car I would love to when a vann I would be thankful for used or new but I’m going to enter this contest an wish for the best hopefuly gods on my side wish me luck for me and my kids

  • Emma

    I am so gratful for what i have but i would love to give the Nissan Quest to the poor and homeless

  • bernadette broome

    All jokes aside, And getting straight to the point. My name is Bernadette Broome. I’m a mother of five loveable kids and we need a car desperatly. WHY? Because we don’t have transportation and we are currently on foot to get where we need to go. A vehicle would help out enormously. SO if u chose to bless us with a vehicle we will be very grateful and appreciative. thank you

  • debbie avaritt

    I need a vehicle bad my husband had to retire do to health problems and can’t afford a vehicle and i would love to have this van.

  • mckenzie

    im a kid im 09 trying to win my mom new car she needs it my grandpa crashed her car so im trying to enter as many sweepstacks as i can

  • esther china

    iam disabled and in need of a vechile badly to get to my doctor appointments and i can not afford to pay anyone this vechile will make my dreams come true god bless