ADV.1 Wheels Gives Ferrari California a Manly Touch

ADV.1 Wheels Gives Ferrari California a Manly Touch

Ferrari‘s F430 and now F458 Italia has become synonymous with the Italian manufacturer’s moniker; while models such as the California go on living their lives less popular in the public light. Sporting a front-engine 4.3L V8 with 454-hp, many critiqued the California as a girl’s Ferrari, rather than a man’s Ferrari. But the folks over at ADV.1 Wheels don’t think the California is a ‘chick’s car’ and set out to prove it.

Teaming up with Wheels Boutique, the Florida-based wheel manufacturer took a classy silver California and outfitted it with some suspension modifications and a set of their brilliant wheels, making the California a manly exotic supercar. Not many words are needed to express just how beautiful this project is, but it’s worth mentioning how simple and subtle modifications can go a long way in completing the look of a car. Even one as exotic as Ferrari’s California.

GALLERY: ADV.1 Wheels Ferrari California

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