Audi Celebrates 5 Million A4 Models Produced

Audi Celebrates 5 Million A4 Models Produced

Audi built its five millionth A4 in its Ingolstadt plant today, a production milestone ever since the first A4 rolled off the same assembly line in 1994.

The model was a 2.0 TFSI quattro wagon in Misano Red, and not silver like the other 4,999,999 A4 models.

“This is another major milestone in Audi’s history,” said Frank Dreves, a member of Audi’s Board of Management. “All versions of the A4 are efficient, elegant and enjoy outstanding success in their class. Our highly motivated team and our effective Audi production system will keep this model on course for continued success in the future.”

To put this in perspective, if one was to link every A4 ever built in a single, continuous line, it would probably reach somewhere really far in space, or around the Earth a couple of times.

The best selling car of all time is the Toyota Corolla at over 32,000,000 units sold.

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