saudi-woman-driving ban

saudi-woman-driving ban

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  • tariq amin

    Here’s an article on this topic which was published by CyberOrient in mid-March 2012:
    It’s called: “The king, the mufti and the Facebook girl – a power play. Who decides what’s licit in Islam?”
    The abstract is as follows:
    Saudi Arabia enforces a ban on woman driving on the grounds that it is prohibited by sharia law. Women’s associations have actively denounced this ban for years, arguing that it was the only Muslim country which had such a peculiar interpretation of Islamic law. A power play is taking place online on this subject between the ulema (who support the ban), the Saudi authorities and feminine associations. This situation raises the question: “Who decides what is licit or illicit in Islam?” Muslim women’s associations merely ask for the implementation in Muslim countries of the “best practices” in Islamic law which exist anywhere, as a substitute for those laws which are unfavorable to women’s rights or do not protect their interests adequately.