Brilliant Transportation Transforms Mercedes Sprinter Into A Luxurious Van

Brilliant Transportation Transforms Mercedes Sprinter Into A Luxurious Van

Mercedes-Benz‘s Sprinter was designed to be a luxurious commuter van, fit to transport multiple personnel in a more comfortable fashion than your typical box van. But clearly there’s a demand for a much more luxurious experience, and Brilliant Transportation has done just that with their Brilliant Van. They’ve taken your run-of-the-mill Sprinter and transformed it with an interior to rival limos and even the most high-end luxury sedans.

Out went the typical bench seats and in went individual leather seats. Entertainment comes through a pair of 32-inch flat screen TVs equipped with DirecTV, while music emanates from an eight-speaker stereo system or wireless headphones for each passenger. For those working on the go, the Brilliant Van is WiFi equipped and also has a hands-free phone and color printer on board.

Brilliant Transportation currently offers services in New York and Los Angeles, so if you’re in those areas and can afford it, hitch a ride in one of these Brilliant Vans and live to tell us about it.

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Sprinter Provides Sumptuous Den, Office and No Interruptions

March 24, 2011 – MONTVALE, NJ Only 13 months ago, Richard Fertig started Brilliant Transportation ( with a small fleet of specially-equipped Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, and now the fast-growing company operates chauffeur-driven Sprinter-based Brilliant Vans and Mini Buses up and down the East Coast as well as in the Los Angeles area. Fertig says a large part of Brilliant’s success is due to the unusual design of their Sprinter van interiors, which feature a clean aesthetic with neutral colors and include rich hardwood floors, oversize leather seats, refrigerators, stowaway desks and built-in cabinets.

The tastefully integrated technology in the Brilliant Van includes a premium eight-speaker audio system, two 32-inch flat-screen TVs with satellite-based Direct TV and wireless headphones. In particular, business travelers appreciate its 3G Wi-Fi capability, color printers and a hands-free conference call system.

Fertig, Brilliant’s Founder and President, says, “Our versatile Sprinter vans appeal to corporate management, entertainers and well-to-do families who want to reclaim that dead in-transit time and who appreciate the size, height and overall comfort of a large van. Most NBA basketball players can stand up inside with room to spare. Additionally, our drivers are impressed with the Sprinter’s quality, reliability and especially the fuel economy of its proven clean-diesel power. Getting 20 miles per gallon in a vehicle of this size is phenomenal, which gives us a range of about 400 miles – our clients usually need to stop before we do.”

Addressing the “Are We There Yet?” Syndrome

Whether it’s helping with childrens’ homework, working out a complex business deal or eating a meal together, families and corporate travelers alike appreciate the comfort, convenience and productivity of Brilliant’s Sprinter vans. They welcome the privacy and lack of interruption that’s increasingly rare in today’s hectic work and family life.

Fertig says, “We’re introducing a new mode of travel we call Private Motoring¨ that often replaces air and rail transport. Although a number of our clients didn’t realize at first that Mercedes-Benz makes large vans, they know and love Mercedes, which makes our chauffeur-driven Brilliant Vans a natural extension of the way they choose to travel. Our New York-based Sprinters offer a distinct environment for business trips to Boston and DC, social events in Manhattan such as Lincoln Center or family weekends to the Hamptons and the Vermont ski country. With a similar range of use, our just-opened L.A. operation makes frequent trips to Las Vegas, Santa Barbara and San Diego.”

It’s Brilliant for the Bottom Line

Clients ask specifically for the Mercedes-Benz vans, and the comfort, convenience and privacy of Brilliant Vans has helped produce 100 percent repeat business. In addition, the impressive fuel economy and reliability of their Sprinters mean relatively low operating costs for Brilliant Transportation. In response to client requests for short, around-town transportation, Fertig added Brilliant Mini Buses based-on the 11-passenger Sprinter Passenger van. The company operates five Brilliant Vans and two Mini Buses based in New York City, with three Brilliant Vans and one Mini Bus in L.A.

Performers on tour, athletes and even royalty enjoy Brilliant’s Sprinter vans. Recently the entire board of directors for one of the top 50 global corporations spent four days together, touring their regional network of sales offices and warehouses utilizing Brilliant’s entire fleet of Brilliant Vans and holding a series of mobile meetings en route.

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    Yes it is a brilliant idea, but they did not originate it. We developed the concept of intercity travel in these tpye of vehicles. I made the mistake of sharing our business ideas with this company only to have them say they were the originators of the idea. Look at the principles history as to what led to the idea and draw your own conclusions.