Bugatti Veyron That Crashed in Texas Lake Up for Auction

Bugatti Veyron That Crashed in Texas Lake Up for Auction

You could be the proud regretful owner of a Bugatti Veryron, for what is certain to be a fraction of the cost of a new model. No, we’re not talking about a Fiero kit car, but a real Veyron. There’s just one issue, it’s got a salvage title given by the insurance company when the owner famously confused it with a submarine.

Likely you recall the story (and video) of the Veyron that wound up in a Texas lake in 2009. You might also recall that this wasn’t even fresh water, but that ultra-corrosive salt water. Worse still, the owner kept the car running – although its not clear if the engine was ruined.

The car is technically a write-off however, meaning that the insurer saw the price of repairing it as more than the car is worth. And when you consider it retails for roughly $1.5 million when it was new – that’s one seriously expensive accident.

From the outside it doesn’t look half bad, apart from a missing headlight and the Bugatti badge that’s falling off. Treat those as an omen, however, as inside the wiring looks to be a mess and some shots show the salt water has already begun its rusty journey to return the Veyron to its more basic elements.

Not scared away? Then hit the link below to bid. Offers are being accepted until Wednesday at 9 a.m.

GALLERY: Bugatti Veyron Salvage Title

Bugatti Veyron Salvage 02.JPGBugatti Veyron Salvage 03.JPGBugatti Veyron Salvage 04.JPGBugatti Veyron Salvage 06.JPGBugatti Veyron Salvage 07.JPGBugatti Veyron Salvage 10.JPG

[Source: via Jalopnik]

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