Cassette Decks No Longer Available in New Vehicles

Cassette Decks No Longer Available in New Vehicles

The end of an era is over. No longer will you be able to your Duran Duran tape while cruising down the road. It’s finally happened – automakers have stopped putting cassette players in new vehicles.

The last new car to be factory-equipped with a cassette deck in the dashboard was the 2010 Lexus SC430. It’s time has finally come, and besides, if anyone still carries tapes in their cars, please raise your hand. They’ve been long replaced by CDs (whose time is coming, thanks to the MP3 player). But the tape had a good run while it lasted – they dominated your car’s speakers for about 20 years. But if you’re a retro die-hard, you can still DIY with a variety of high-quality tape decks that you can install yourself.

There are no plans for manufacturers selling 2011 models in the United States to offer a tape player either as standard equipment or as an option on a new vehicle. “Lexus was the last holdout,” said Phil Magney, vice president for automotive research for the IHS iSuppli Corporation, a firm that conducts technology industry analysis. “We actually stopped tracking cassette players in cars some time ago. Now the question the automakers are asking is, how long has the CD got to go?”

[Source: New York Times]

  • Jaheron1999

    What year was the cassette player installed in vehicles?

  • Kasamanuel

    Well,I am a retro die-hard and wish to install a Tape Deck in my 2008 Mitsubishi lancer,as you say,I can still DIY but can you please direct me to the relevant information.

  • SoftRose4You

    Thanks to Lexus I am happy to say that I still have a cassette player in my car along with a CD player. I still own many cassettes so I am happy to have a cassette player in my car…..

  • Royce Moyer

    So I’m a few years late reading this article..but it’s INCORRECT!!!

    My 2011 Mercury Grand Marquis, the last year for any Mercury, is equipped with the “dual media” audio system (CD & cassette).

  • Dr Towers

    Can’t beat good quality tape!!