Chevrolet Caprice Spied In Los Angeles

Chevrolet Caprice Spied In Los Angeles

Rumors of Holden vehicles, specifically the rear-drive Commodore, coming to the U.S. have always been a fixture of the automotive media, and with the Holden-based Pontiac G8’s demise a few years ago, some of them have seemed to be more wishful thinking than anything of substance.

General Motors is bringing back the larger Holden Statesman as a fleet-only Chevrolet Caprice, but that hasn’t stopped some suspiciously civilian-looking examples from popping up, including the one spied by an Edmunds Inside Line staffer, which is totally devoid of any police-style accouterments.

We’ve seen other shots that suggest that this is what the unmarked versions of the Caprice will look like, but we can still hold out hope that it’s also the basis for something much better, and available to the general public.

[Source: Inside Line]

  • Jarex750

    Halleluyah! A bonafide RWD Chevy Caprice available to general public…would like to see the the golden crest and fleur-de-lis logo back!