Chevrolet Cruze SS Being Developed By Holden

Chevrolet Cruze SS Being Developed By Holden

With the Chevrolet Cobalt SS being a critical (if not commercial) success, General Motors has been pushing for an SS version of their new Chevrolet Cruze small car, and the program looks like it’s a go, with much of the work being done by their Australian Holden division.

While details are still preliminary, a more powerful turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, sharper steering and an improved rear suspension seem to be in the cards, with engine choices ranging from anywhere between a 1.6L 180 horsepower turbo mill to a 2.0L 280 horsepower 4-cylinder.

Expect to see the car offered in hatchback form, to appeal to much of the world market. A sedan version is still up in the air – as are North American sales for that matter.

[Source: Motor Authority]

  • Hot Hatch Guy

    Oh, for the luvva God! Its the old “Americans won’t buy a high performance hatchback” mindset, AGAIN. Are American auto execs driving to work blind; or is the tint on the back windows of their limos just too dark? I have owned 3 VW GTI’s and a VW R32 – because the good old USA has simply gifted the hot hatch market to the Germans. Hey guys…those cars passing you on the Interstate every day…the ones that say “GTI” on the back – each one represents an opportunity lost by Detroit. Time to fire your “market research” firms.

  • Tom

    why not make one more cobalt ss before this . i mean come on even i know it wovld sell more

  • kingme

    Cobalt SS ? How dated can You get? An American ricer in disguise with parts that wear out in 20K. Yea… sign me up! NOT!