Chevy Cruze SS Not Planned After All, But More Powerful Model Is

Chevy Cruze SS Not Planned After All, But More Powerful Model Is

Despite reports to the contrary, the team at Car & Driver are reporting Chevrolet has no plans to introduce a Cruze SS model. But that doesn’t mean a more powerful version isn’t in the cards.

Wait? So wouldn’t a more potent Cruze be a Cruze SS, you’re asking? Not exactly.

Rather than a sport-compact-style machine, designed to compete with cars like the Honda Civic Si or Mazda3, a more powerful Cruze would be targeted as more of an up-scale machine. It could, however, make use of either the 182-hp 2.4-liter 4-cylinder currently found in some GM models. Better yet, it could also get the 2.0T that makes anywhere from 220 to 260-hp.

How this would differ from the new Buick Verano is then hard to see.

As for a sport-compact machine designed to appeal to a young male audience, look toward the sub-compact Sonic to fulfill that niche for GM.

[Source: Car & Driver]

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  • Ralph Weeks

    Seriously… if you put the 2.4 or the 2.0T then its just a Buick Verano. Don’t the GM folks remember what happened the last time they offered 4 flavors of the same car.

  • Josh

    why wouldn’t make an ss model. the cruze is suppose to replace the cobalt so how can you not make an ss model. I really hope they do cuz from the pictures i saw I would for sure buy it.